Antonis Konstantinides: I believe that we’ll return to our beautiful basketball halls


Yet, the famous Cyprian coach is expecting some very difficult basketball moments in years to come!
He was the first Cyprian basketball coach who worked abroad. He lead the Greek, Hungarian, Romanian and Cypriot clubs with great success. He coached the clubs such as Cretan Kings Rethymno, Körmend Hungary, Energia Romania, ETHA Engomis, APOEL Nicosia, Apollon Limassol. He had a lot of success in national leagues and at European competitions as well. The coaching career of our interviewee ( 45 years long) lasts for almost two decades. He was also engaged as the national coach of the senior national teams of Cyprus and Albania.
We were interested in the situation reguarding the epidemic of the coronavirus in Cyprus so the famous basketball coach gave us some information.
”In early March, when the coronavirus came in Cyprus and when the first case of infection was registered, the peple didn’t take it for serious that much. They started to think more seriously only when the number of infected and sick had increased.”

Could you tell us about the current situation with covid-19?

”At first, our government wasn’t ready to protect the country from the virus. The hospitals were under attack, almost 60 percent of the infected people were those who work in hospitals, nurses and doctors. After they opted for aggressive measures at the airports along with the curfew, the situation has improved. At this moment, a month and a half later, we’re in a good position. The responsible said that if we continue like this and follow the government’s rules, we can go back to the usual rhythms of our lives starting from the beginning of June.”

How do behave the inhabitants of Cyprus?
”The people stay at home and work from there, the most of the work has stopped, the supermarkets, bakeries and pharmacies are open. The only good thing about the pandemic is that I find a lot of spare time. I spend it with the family, our children and I study and collect new information on basketball educating myself additionally. You can also find more free time to reflect on yourself and recognise the things you did good or bad in the previous period, both in your professional life and in your family.”

What is happening with sports during the SARS-CoV-2 virus?
”When it comes to sports, to basketball especially, you can be sure that the situation will be very difficult in the next one or two years. I’m thinking of the financial situation in the first place. We have to be ready for everything, coaches, players… But I’m sure that basketball and all sports will endure. We’re all ready to return. It was impossible to finish this season, speaking of all championships worldwide. The interruption had to happen because the health and safety of the sportsmen, coaches, supporters and club management are above all.”

At the end of the conversation for Mozzart Sport our interviewee seems cheerful.
”I’m sure and very optimistic that next August or September all of us will return to our fine places, to our basketball halls and courts”, concluded the Cypriot coach Antonis Konstantinides.


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