Adi Alikadić: The win over Sutjeska filed away, we direct our thoughts towards the matchup with Dunav

The team from Čačak is hosting the Dunav team in the 6th round of the BLS (Sunday, 6 pm)


Borac basketball players achieved on Thursday night a new, fifth overall win in this season’s ABA 2 league. On the hall’s court by the Morava river, in an extremely demanding and physically exhausting matchup, they beat Sutjeska by a score of 81:69.
This triumph firmed the home team at the top of the regional league table. More precisely, after six rounds played, only MZT and Borac have got the score of five wins and one defeat. For the time being, these two teams will be fighting bitter battles until the very end of the league competition in order to become No.1.
Adi Alikadić, a young basketball player whose points in the second section pretty much determined the winner, said after the matchup:
“The game with Sutjeska was quite difficult throughout all 40 minutes. I find that some details determined the winner. I have to thank the audience that came in a considerable number this time, because it gave us the needed support and it was the wind at our back in difficult moments. Also, I have to mention the teammates and their good play, we really deserved this victory. Of course, we file away the matchup with Sutjeska immediately and direct our thoughts towards the Dunav team. Our wish is to remain undefeated at home, so we will make an effort to keep it that way, ” said Alikadić.

Borac hasn’t got much time to rest and sum up the impressions, because it is hosting the Dunav team from Stari Banovci on Sunday already. It will be the fifth game in a row that the players from Čačak will play at home.
Of course, just like every time it plays at the basketball temple by the Morava river, Borac is considered an absolute favourite this time too, as it was pointed out by the coach Marko Marinović:
“Right after the matchup with Sutjeska, we started preparations for Dunav. We keep up the pace of playing two games per week. It is demanding indeed, but we are used to it. I have to admit that we haven’t given much thought to this matchup yet because we had focused all our strength and attention on Sutjeska. As always, we go step by step. However, after that matchup was over, we started to prepare for Dunav. We know that they lost the last game to Mladost, the team that we had won against by a difference of almost 40 points. If we approach responsibly, I believe that the victory will not be questioned”, said Marinović.
Piše:Nikola Minović

Foto: Nikola Janjić

Prevod: Jelena Stojanović

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